SCC France to play key part at The Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games

29 Apr 2024

As the countdown to the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games begins, SCC France, Rigby Group’s cornerstone business, is supporting this prestigious, international event as both a chosen technology provider and an official sponsor of the 2024 Games.

SCC, Europe’s largest independent IT service provider, was selected to provide equipment for 870 sports competitions across 120 venues, covering some 32 Olympic sports. This involves supplying 65,000 devices and accessories to provide services including real timing, on-venue support, accreditation, medical, competition information systems, interpreting, command centre, and corporate IT/commentators.

In order to deliver this programme SCC has dedicated 6,000 square meters as a secure warehouse and designed and built three command centres. The team has also conducted several tests and simulated scenarios across the different venues for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, to ensure the products and services supplied are as efficient as possible.

After the Games, all the IT equipment will be decommissioned, providing a second life for all IT devices by going through SCC’s recycling facilities to ensure a Green Games that is net carbon.

This is an enormous project, involving almost 300 colleagues at SCC France, under the leadership of Project Director Benoît Bouché.

As the world converges in Paris this summer, SCC will be at the heart of the delivery of the Games, showcasing its exceptional services and innovation on the international stage.