Helping regional airports to prosper through effective management and collaboration

For trading success we must look to the skies

Regional & City Airports (RCA) is the UK’s leading regional airport operator, led by a team with proven commercial and operational expertise in both the airport and airline sectors. RCA owns Bournemouth Airport, Coventry Airport, Exeter Airport and Norwich Airport, and operates Blackpool Airport, City of Derry Airport and Solent Airport Daedalus on behalf of their owners.

RCA also operates XLR Executive Jet Centres (XLR), the renowned boutique FBO business. XLR has centres at Birmingham, Exeter and Liverpool airports.

Regional airports are vitally important to the economic development of regions in which they are located. RCA’s vision is to help regional airports to prosper through effective management and collaboration, enabling them to benefit from the economies of scale and sharing of best practice traditionally enjoyed by much larger airports.

RCA continues to actively seek additional growth opportunities in both its Airport and XLR portfolio, and consistently promotes the enormous social and economic benefits offered by regional airports in the UK. RCA has built a reputation as an efficient, safe and capable operator, driving improvements to route development, commercial revenues, operating costs and capital investment in order to deliver a consistently sound commercial return. As RCA grows, it is increasingly able to leverage significant buying power and shared expertise. Employing more than 750 people, RCA is the leading player in the UK regional airport sector and is taking advantage of the lack of capacity at major airports to demonstrate how regional airports can ease the strain.

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