Rigby Group

Unleashing the potential in business


The Rigby Group’s financial division employs innovative financing models to enable accelerated capital, the bringing forward of budgets, and compliant investment portfolios. Focusing on majority investments, we are concerned with strong, long-term growth. 


We are comprised of Rigby Private Equity and technology finance leasing business Rigby Capital.

Rigby Private Equity is a technology-led private equity house focused on majority investments, it drives growth for management and shareholders. We currently have one live investment in Nuvias: recent major acquisitions Wick Hill, SIPHON, DCB and Zycko Ltd have been rebranded as Nuvias Group, bringing together best-in-class high value and specialist services distribution.

Rigby Capital’s financing models are helping increasing numbers of private and public-sector customers to accelerate capital, bring forward budgets and de-risk their technology investments.