James Rigby – Chief Executive, SCC

James Rigby is Chief Executive of SCC, Rigby Group’s IT services business. SCC is Europe’s leading IT solutions provider, delivering IT to 2,500+ customers in more than 50 countries and operating out of 75 locations in the UK, France, Romania and Spain. In the UK, SCC is a top three provider of Data Centre & Cloud Services with 18 data centres across the country. SCC was the first provider to receive Pan-Government accreditation for its’ multi-tenanted cloud platform, Sentinel by SCC. SCC’s business in Spain is also a top three IT services provider and is headquartered in Madrid.

James joined SCC in 1993 in the Engineering Services division, and was appointed to run the Technology Sourcing division in 1995. Subsequently, he was made General Manager and took on responsibility for service delivery operations across Europe, as well as playing a major role in all Group acquisitions.

James now heads SCC’s operations in the UK, France, Spain, Romania and the Netherlands. He has a track record as an investor in gold standard facilities and capabilities. James spends a significant portion of his time building strong client relationships designed to deliver value and excellent service. He believes businesses survive on commercial sustainability, growth and re-investment and works hard to foster the potential of people.