Over the past 42 years the Rigby Group has woven itself into the fabric of the communities in which it operates through involvement in a variety of projects and initiatives, not only through financial donations but also by donating the company’s expertise, time and resources too.

As a Group, we are determined to fulfil our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, suppliers, communities and the global environment.

This approach is underpinned by our family values. We ensure that all Group business is conducted to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. We operate the business in an environmentally responsible manner, providing high quality and sustainable products and services to our customers with integrity and care.

We provide our people with a safe and rewarding workplace and act as good neighbours, making positive contributions to the communities in which we operate.


We recognise the importance of our environmental responsibilities in all markets in which the Group operates.

In all activities, working practices and business relationships, we continuously work towards protecting, conserving and enhancing all aspects of the environment. We seek to always meet the necessary regulatory requirements and continue to raise employee awareness of environmental issues in order to minimise the impact on the environment.

We have put in place the necessary systems to manage, control and monitor performance in respect of environmental matters. We aim to reduce our energy consumption; reduce water and waste consumption; increase our employees’ CSR awareness; increase recycling within our six divisions; decrease noise and air pollution and decrease consumption of paper and packaging.

These control systems are tailored to the needs and activities of each division within the Rigby Group.

For example, since September 2010, our technology business SCC has been working with leading Carbon Management Company CO2Balance to calculate and offset the carbon dioxide emissions created from the operation of its Data Centres and recycling facility.

The Rigby Foundation

The Rigby Foundation Charitable Trust was founded and operates on the principle that success in business goes hand-in-hand with putting back into society and communities. The Foundation invests in causes relating to lifelong learning, health and education. The foundation currently has more than £1.5million invested in active projects, supported by strategic guidance and oversight from senior Rigby Group executives.

TheRigby Foundation has donated £500,000 to champion innovative cancer care inSouth Warwickshire at the new £22 million Stratford Hospital. The Foundationhas donated £250,000 to create a new dedicated cancer unit which will be namedThe Rigby Unit as well as creating and sponsoring the annual Rigby Awards,worth a further £250,000, which will encourage and champion better ways ofdelivering cancer care in the local community.

The first Rigby Awards, issued in 2016, went to five successful projects put forward by medical staff within the South Warwickshire NHS Trust which improved cancer treatment and care locally and ranged from the first time chemotherapy is provided at home, to exploring the link between breast cancer and vitamin D deficiency. The Foundation is a substantial supporter of the meeting and learning base at Marie Curie’s ‘new state of the art’ hospice in Solihull and has funded a new cancer wing, The Rigby Unit, at the new Stratford Upon Avon Hospital.

The Foundation is also a major sponsor of the International Aviation Academy –Norwich (IAA-N), a new £12.5 million purpose-built facility, located next to Norwich Airport, which will create the next generation of aviation professionals. Norwich Airport, which was acquired by Rigby Group in 2014 and is a founding partner in the new Academy, is sponsoring and fitting out one of the main seminar rooms that will help train up to 450 people a year for local,national and international aviation jobs.

In addition, the Foundation is a substantial supporter of the meeting and learning base at Marie Curie’s ‘new state of the art’ hospice in Solihull and other major projects have also included sponsorship and strategic direction for Millennium Point, a flagship millennium project built to celebrate and encourage science, technology and education in the Midlands.