The Rigby Foundation Charitable Trust was founded and operates on the principle that success in business goes hand-in-hand with putting back into society and communities.

Over the past 41 years the Rigby Group has woven itself into the fabric of the communities in which it operates through involvement in a variety of projects and initiatives, not only through financial donations but also by donating the company’s expertise, time and resources too.

Major projects include sponsorship and strategic direction around Millennium Point, a flagship millennium project built to celebrate and encourage science, technology and education in the Midlands.

Donating to The Foundation is also a substantial support for the meeting and learning base at Marie Curie's ‘new state of the art’ hospice in Solihull and the cancer wing, The Rigby Unit, at the new Stratford Upon Avon Hospital.

The Rigby Foundation invests in causes relating to lifelong learning, health and education. The foundation currently has more than £1million invested in active projects, supported by strategic guidance and oversight from senior Rigby Group executives.